TruBlu Farms

Welcome to TruBlu Farms!

Welcome to TruBlu Farms, a South Carolina farm owned and operated by Larry Elmore and Donna Elmore and family. Our principal products are grass fed, natural beef and flavorful lamb for your family, as well as quality Tifton 85 hay. TruBlu cattle and sheep graze in open pastures on live, green, and growing grasses, without the aid of antibiotics, growth hormones, or feeds using animal by-products. All natural, all the time! TruBlu Farms also uses progressive and sustainable farming practices that include rotational grazing patterned after the practices of New Zealand farmers. Coastal Bermuda, Tifton 85 coastal, clover, rye grass and rye are grasses grown year-round for our animals. High quality and high protein Tifton 85 grass is also baled for hay to feed during brief periods between seasons when grasses may be delayed due to weather. TruBlu practices low stress animal management practices, and animals are rotated to new pasture every few days. We stay true to our animals and true to our quality meats!

TruBlu Farms Products:
Grass Fed Beef
Pastured Lamb
Registered Katahdins
Hay 4 Sale!